Laws and ordinances are in place to discourage littering in order  to help keep the Tangipahoa River a safe place for
all living beings. The LA-DEQ offers a host of
free educational material, which you can order from EMD, that
explain why dumping in wetland, river bank and community area ditches is harmful.  Also, the Lake Pontchartrain
Basin Foundation, the Lake Maurepas Society and Turtle Cove Research can provide information on protecting these
all important regions.
If you would like to see what you can do to help, or to report a problem in your area, contact
Discarded boat & litter left by
Magnolia Island property
owner to be carried off by
the River
Girl Scout Troop 1324
work with EMD to keep the
river bank at Hwy 22 clean.
Area News
Tangipahoa River at Ponchatoula
This year, the Tangipahoa River can now be considered
Photos of what has been removed from the Tangipahoa
River Watershed at Hwy 22.  
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If you would like to help EMD with their clean-up
efforts, please contact
 Catherine Eichhorn
Environmental Partners
Efforts to keep Ponchatoula and surrounding areas clean would not
be possible without the work of many volunteers and organizations.  
EMD salutes all those such persons working to help keep Louisiana
To read more of what other community organizations are doing or to
list your efforts, visit our
Partner's Page
subdivision, off Hwy 445, near
Robert, La., is the latest hotpsot for dumping.  
EMD collected 1,100 lbs of garbage,
construction debris and landscaping materials
this past week.
Subdivision is now clean and has several homes
constructed & ready for purchase.
If you would like to report a downed or damaged road sign that needs replacing,
Department of Public Works
206 E. Mulberry St.
P.O. Box 215
Amite, LA 70422
Phone: (985) 748-3211
Fax: (985) 748-7576
DOTD's Conrad Luper.
If you need to report a damaged
bridge, contact the DOTD at
When to test your well water.
Contaminants in well water.
Understanding the results of well
water testing.
Read this edition of
EMD and community volunteers have been working
to clean this dump site and others from the
LANDINGS subdivision.
To see photos of these hard-working people cleaning
the area on September 19, 2009, click on the link
2009 Beach Sweep
More photographs of littering in
the Ponchatoula Creek and
Yellow River watersheds
EMD is working to generate income for the purchase of tickets to Global Wildlife Center.  Leah
Latiolais of Capital RC&D and the LPBF is hosting watershed education at Global Wildlife.  This
educational program is targeted for school-aged children, but is appropriate for adults also.  EMD
has selected Champ Cooper School as the recipient of funds generated. Proceeds will be used to
purchase tickets for CCS students to attend a day of fun and learning.  If you are interested in
donating or attending a watershed protection workshop, please contact
Catherine Eichhorn.
E-Enviro's Litter Abatement Totals

       10,201 lbs. Recyclable metal
                               6,000 lbs non-recyclable garbage/litter

2008        9,109 lbs. Recyclable metal