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Solar Energy News

House Bill 858 is a solar bill for taxpaying homeowners, (with no transferability of credit).   
If you have any other questions about this bill or any other bill affecting Louisiana residents,
you can email Cece Hyslop of
 LSES (LA. Solar Energy Society) at Cece Hyslop.

For more information:
Louisiana Solar Energy Society        
Energy Matters, LLC        www.find-solar.org
U.S. Dept. of Energy www1.eere.energy.gov/solar/decision_tools.html
Gulf South Solar www.Gulfsouthsolar.com

Louisiana Homes & Gardens Magazine
Louisiana Homes Gardens Magazine
AVEDA Salons and the Gulf Coast

Aveda Salons and Neil Corporation partnered with GRN (Gulf Restoration Network) to work towards cleaner water
in SE Louisiana.  $400,000 was raised to help protect waters across the Gulf region.  Contributions will support
GRN's efforts to keep pollutants like sewerage and fertilizer runoff out of waterways and wetlands.

More information on the Gulf Restoration Network can be found at

From our Environmental Partner, Surfrider Foundation (May 2010),

"Surfrider Foundation's
Not the Answer campaign has partnered with Skytruth and Ocean Conservancy to create a
grassroots online tool for tracking and reporting oil as it comes ashore throughout the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf Oil Spill
Tracker allows people in communities throughout the region to assist in the monitoring and cleanup of this horrible

Simply visit
www.surfrider.org/spilltracker to share your experiences and let us know when and where you've seen oil
hitting the shore or affecting wildlife. Easily upload pictures of the mess or link to your local news reports.

No oil on your beach yet? Please also take pictures of your local beach NOW before it is spoiled to help document the
dramatic changes that occur. Understanding the mess that occurs from these horrible accidents is critical to
strengthening our call for reform and a stop to new drilling!

Your stories will provide invaluable information to agency responders and cleanup crews, and help to document the
devastating impacts associated with this spill"  (
http://action.surfrider.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1727) .

Surfrider Foundation is calling on concerned citizens to get involved and send a strong message to President Obama
that new offshore drilling is
not the answer.

Enviro~News contains local environmental news, issues, volunteer opportunities and global environmental health topics.  
Published quarterly.
2009 fall edition contains information on water testing for personal wells; how to interpret well water test results; EPA's
examination of used tires as playground material; new fertilizer rules, bans and suggestions.  Also included in this issue is an
opportunity to contribute your recycling ideas.
The winter 2010 issue contains information on Tangipahoa Parish's efforts to control litter and pollution of area lakes and rivers.  
Highlights include features of local organizations, such as Keep Hammond Beautiful, Capital RC&D, E-Eviro, Tangi Clean and the
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, working together to alleviate the litter problem facing SE Louisiana.

When to test your well water.
Contaminants in well water.
Understanding the results of well water testing.

Enviro~News Newsletter 2009 fall Issue
what you need to know
about essential oils,
fragrances & salts
Aroma Therapy
Tangipahoa River area news

News and happenings on and around the Tangipahoa River
watershed area, at Hwy 22 in Ponchatoula, LA.

Tangipahoa River News
Everything you wanted to know about concrete can be found in this edition of
EMS's newsletter, Enviro~News.  Whether you are a contractor or
homeowner, the Concrete Network can answer your questions as to the
safety, affordability and styles of concrete and pavements.

EPA Examines Shredded Tires
Based on new research that shows shredded tires may release arsenic, lead and mercury into the products they are
used in, the EPA is examining the safety of using them in applications, such as playground surfacing.
Shredded Tires
Find out what contaminants can be found in well water, how to test for contaminants and how to interpret
the results of testing your well water.  The Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention have published contaminant information in their publication
Healthy Water.
Well Water
What is Storm-Water Runoff and What Are Its Impacts?
"Storm-water runoff is rain or snow melt that flows over land and does not percolate into the soil.
Storm-water runoff occurs naturally, in small amounts, from almost any type of land surface,
especially during larger storm events.  Impervious surfaces, such as building,s, homes, roads,
sidewalks, and parking lots, can significantly alter the natural hydrology of the land by increasing the
volume, velocity, and temperature of runoff and by decreasing its infiltration capacity" (EPA
833-R-06-04, 2007).  Storm-water runoff from construction sites can significantly harm our rivers,
lakes and coast.
If you are a developer or construction site operator, then you need to have a Storm-water Pollution
Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in place.

This is more than just a sediment and erosion control plan, rather it is a detailed plan that compiles
with the requirements of the Clean Water Act. The EPA provides resources for the development of an
effective SWPPP, which are listed below.
Want to Help with the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis?
SaveOurGulf.org to get more information
about the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.