TPW Survey Questions

                                                  Please enter your Zip Code ___________

Q1. Do you live near stream, lake or river?
     Yes        no

Q2. If you answered YES to question 1 continue; if not, skip to question 3. Approximately
how        close is you home to a stream, lake or river?
  1.        Waterfront        
  2.        1 mi        
  3.        5 mi        
  4.        10 mi       
  5.         10+ mi

Q3. Do you participate in any of the following recreational activities when you visit a stream,
     lake or river?  Check all that apply.
  1.        Boat/jet ski        
  2.        tube/swim        
  3.        fish        
  4.        other

Q4. Does poor water quality affect your recreational activities?
     Yes        No        Don’t Know

Q5. Does poor water quality impact property values in your area?
     Yes        No        Don’t Know

Q6. Overall, how would you rate fish caught in area watersheds?
     Good        fair        poor        D/K

Q7. Overall, how would you rate area watersheds for scenic beauty?
     Good        fair        poor        D/K

Q8. Overall, how would you rate the amount of public access to a watershed?
     Good        fair        poor        D/K

Q9. What is your source for drinking water?
     Well        municipal        D/K

Q10. How do you handle waste water?
     Septic        sewer        cmty system        D/K

Q11. Are you concerned about flooding in your area?
     Yes        No        Undecided

Q12. A Watershed is an area of land that drains into a common waterway, such as an estuary,
     lake, river or creek? Do you live in a watershed?
     Yes        No        Undecided

Q13. The way that I care for my lawn can have a negative impact for area watersheds.
  1.        Strongly Agree
  2.        Agree
  3.        Neither agree nor disagree
  4.        Disagree
  5.        Strongly Disagree

Q14. Taking action to improve Water Quality is too expensive for me.
  1.        Strongly Agree
  2.        Agree
  3.        Neither agree nor disagree
  4.        Disagree
  5.        Strongly disagree

Q15. Residents should work together to control Litter in area neighborhoods
  1.        Strongly Agree
  2.        Agree
  3.        Neither agree nor disagree
  4.        Disagree
  5.        Strongly disagree

Q16. Pollutants: (check all that apply). Are any of the following a problem for area watersheds?
  1.        Fertilizer
  2.        Litter
  3.        Feces
  4.        Oil
  5.        Debris

Q17. Age/Year born

Q18. Home:
  1.        Own
  2.        Rent

Q19. Sex:
  1.        Male
  2.        Female
Parish Survey Results
Over 100 residents of Tangipahoa Parish were polled to gather their opinions on
Parish watersheds and area pollution.
 Many respondents used an online version of the
questionnaire, while others used a paper copy,  or were telephoned.  Those interested in being
entered into
the monthly drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate to either Target or Wal-Mart, did
so by providing contact information; other wise, respondents answered anonomously.
Winners List:
Matt Warner of Ponchatoula won April's drawing.  Matt won a $10 gift card from Target.
Lester Ernst of Ponchatoula won May's drawing.  Lester won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
Chris Levine of Loranger won June's drawing.  Chris won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
Gail Williams of Tickfaw won July's drawing.  Gail won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
D. Bridges of Kentwood won August's drawing.  D. won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.

Interview Questions & Results

The majority of respondents were not familiar with area agencies that assist with litter problems,
education and abatement.  Of those local agencies recognized, most respondents either did not
know or were not completely sure of what these agencies do, or what areas they service.  As a
result of these findings, E-Enviro's next issue of
Enviro~News will list area agencies, as well as
making a resource page to be posted on this web site.
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