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What's Been Removed This Year?

Recyclable metal & Appliances
Aluminum cans
non-recyclable Litter
Snipe signs
animal carcases

totals through , 2011

Previous Years Litter Totals
E-Enviro is a non-profit organization working towards a cleaner Tangipahoa River via
ducation, Advocacy, Service and Example
E-Enviro is a division of Enlighten Me Designs, Inc.
Previous Litter Events
E-Enviro can help you complete court-ordered community service hours. If
you need to complete litter abatement hours, call
Catherine Eichhorn at
(985) 386-0704 and leave message on voice mail, or fill out the form below with
COMMUNITY SERVICE in the comment area, or you can email me at
admin@enlightenmedesigns.com. We offer a wide range of options for you, and
is currently the only agency that offers you the opportunity to clean your own
area, in combination with litter education.  If you attend one of our special
meetings, we feed you and offer watershed education.  The cost is only $20.  Call
to see where and when our next seminar is offered. We also accept the collection
of aluminum cans as litter abatement hours.

Opportunities for area residents to volunteer for litter clean-ups  
Please use the contact form below:
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
To Report Litterbugs call the LDEQ Litter Hot line
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More Survey Results
For a complete list of telephone survey responses, visit Survey Results Page
The Tangipahoa River Uses Survey is now closed.
Thank you to all the participants.  
Winners List:

Matt Warner of Ponchatoula won a $10 gift card from Target.
Lester Ernst of Ponchatoula won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
Chris Levine of Loranger won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
Gail Williams of Tickfaw won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
D. Bridges of Kentwood won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart.
  • 80% of respondents live near a river, lake or stream
  • 35% of respondents live within 5 miles of a river, lake or stream --- majority live near the
    Tangipahoa River
  • 73% of respondents rate their water-bodies as GOOD for scenic quality
  • 69% of respondents use area water-bodies for recreational activities, such as fishing, tubing or
  • 46% of respondents do not know what a WATERSHED is.  (If you don't know either, click on link)
  • 98% of respondents find litter to be a problem in Tangipahoa Parish and its watershed regions
  • 66% of respondents AGREE that neighbors should work together to control litter in their
Tangipahoa Parish Watershed Survey Highlights
For a complete list of questionnaire responses, visit Survey Results Page
E-Enviro has adopted 3 roads in the Ponchatoula area to keep clean.  Want to adopt
a road of your own?  
Contact your local councilperson
  • 0% polled had heard of TANGI CLEAN
  • 0% polled had heard of Keep LA Beautiful
  • 0% polled had heard of Captial Resource, Conservation & Development (Cap RC&D)
  • 0% polled had heard of E-Enviro
  • 0% polled knew about the LITTER HOTLINE
  • 3% polled had heard of the Parish Inmate Litter Program
  • 10% polled had heard of Keep Hammond Beautiful (KHB)
  • 30% polled had heard of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF), none knew what they do
  • 50% polled had heard of LA. Dept. of Environmental Quality
  • 100% polled had heard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
See bottom of this page for information on how to sign up for court-ordered
community service hours.
 We clean the rural areas of Ponchatoula, Robert &
Hammond.   If you don't want to clean litter along the highway, call us and help
clean river access areas.  (985) 386-0704 Cat Eichhorn
Court-Ordered Community Service Litter Abatement