This year's event was a huge success!  EMD extends a
big thank you to all those volunteers that came out to
clean the LANDINGS subdivision.  This abandoned
subdivision has become a hot spot for illegal dumping.  
The volunteers cleaned an incredible 2,100 lbs of illegally
dumped waste. We collected everything from sofas,
televisions, vacuum cleaners to regular household waste.

EMD wishes to extend a heart-filled thank you to Girl
Scout Troop 1324 for being our biggest supporters.  
These girls have helped clean the Tangipahoa River area
for 4 years, now!  Betsey Garrety, who is the leader for
Troop 1324 has done an outstanding job modeling good
citizen behavior.  Thanks, Betsey, for being such a good
teacher and leader.

EMD also wishes to thank our new participants from
AYUSA and their regional director, Kathy Estes.  Kathy
brought 5 exchange students from Germany to help us
collect litter. Thank you, Kathy, and welcome to EMD's
pool of responsible community leaders.  And, a big thanks
to Leslie Dubroc for coming out to help and for being a
host family.  We need more people like you to help keep
Louisiana a safe and beautiful resource.

That's not all.  EMD thanks Leah Latiolais from the Lake
Pontchartrain Basin Foundation for helping us collect
litter, bring a volunteer form SLU's Master's Degree
Program in environmental studies, providing EMD with
guidance and for being on the front lines of the litter
remediation effort.  JoAnn Burke of LPBF has also been
instrumental in assisting EMD with their annual picnics.  
Without these two women, EMD would still be trying to
figure out how to host a successful litter clean up event.

Last, but not least, EMD wants to thank Jared Price and
his son and brother for coming out to help.  I met Jared at
a Keep Hammond Beautiful event, and he took the time to
come and help EMD on the same day that KHB had a
clean up. Thank you! And, thanks to Celeste Allison and
Jonathan Pitt of Metairie.  Celeste is a return volunteer,
and this was Jonathan's first year.  Without your help, we
couldn't have collected that much litter.
2009 Beach Sweep
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